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Video is a very powerful medium. It can bring memories from the past back to the present.  It can help sell a product, an idea or spread a message. The impact of a well-produced video can be priceless.  Still, many production companies choose to put such a hefty price tag on it.

We don’t do that. It’s not necessary.

Whether you’re running your own business or non-profit or you just want to produce a video tribute for somebody special, we all have budgets we must live by. At Kevin Henry Mileposts, we get that. We like to think that no two stories are alike, so in terms of pricing, we’ll work with you to come up with a solution, unique to you, that won’t break the bank.


Project Scope

Each Milepost is a unique story telling experience - varying in length and complexity.  The pre-interview phase of the project is an opportunity to outline expectations and how the project works.  Important items to keep in mind are:  

  • Length
  • Interviews
  • Artifacts/Footage
  • Personality
  • Budget
  • Time Line

It is important for the success of this project to ask every question.  Call or email any time you have a question or need assistance. 

Timing and Planning are Everything

Any good work of art takes time to complete.  It took Michelangelo four years to finish painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Is your Milepost going to take four years to produce?  Not even close, but it's definitely not something we want to rush to get done.  

So, if you're planning an event months in advance, let us know months in advance.  That way, when the big day comes, whatever it may be, your documentary will be done.  That will give you what you will desperately need:  one less thing to worry about.


Product Review and Creative License

Kevin Henry Mileposts is responsible for selecting the sound bites from the interviews and writing the narrative script.  Developing the "story" is our expertise.  Some of the interviews may not make it into the project.  While all of the interviews will be considered for use, we must select the best options to tell your story.  Kevin Henry will include a DVD of the unedited interviews at your request at a cost of $10.

Use and Copyright

Kevin Henry Mileposts retains the creative copyright for the finished documentary.  You may not reproduce the documentary for sale or financial gain.  Kevin Henry Mileposts reserves the right to use partial or complete documentaries for advertising purposes.  Only the approved biography may be used for this purpose.

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