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Wendy's Breast Cancer Story

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Click on any of these links to see examples of our work. You will see that the quality of the stories are second to none.

Whether you need to build a new brand, reach a new audience, expand your website, or just pay tribute to a dear friend, Kevin Henry Mileposts is the right choice for you. Affordable, quality video will set your business apart. 

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stroke survivorship program AT MARY WASHINGTON HEALTHCARE



At Kevin Henry Mileposts, we believe everyone has a story. In the world of healthcare, there is an endless supply. 

Patients have stories. Doctors, nurses, and everyone who makes their living in healthcare have stories - as do the practices and organizations where they work every day. Those stories can be told through Milepost Medical.

Physician or practice profiles can answer the question asked by most patients. Why should I choose you? Patients are more likely to choose your practice or organization after "meeting" you and your current patients through video profiles and testimonials. Let patients, past and present, help to tell everyone why they chose you for their healthcare needs.

How else can a Milepost Medical video help you?

  • Showcase your programs and services

  • Physician and provider profiles

  • Patient testimonials

  • Patient education

  • Practice or organization profiles

  • Video accounts of organization or practice events

  • Employee recognition and events

Please click on the links below to view examples of practice and healthcare organization videos produced by Milepost Medical. Or visit our YouTube channel to see our complete library.